“Broader supply chain visibility and timely, fact based decisions increase market share and growth opportunities”

Warehouse Management

  • Inbound: receiving, inspecting, validating, and quality control of inventory.
  • Inventory management: secure storage, rotation, ageing and accounting of inventory on a pallet, carton and unique serial level.
  • Stock take processes: reconciliation include counting and scanning all inventory, conducting physical ad-hoc spot checks on critical inventory and enforcing regular cyclical stock counts.
  • Outbound: pick n pack and order process for shipping and delivery coupled to a fully integrated system of serialised scanning and tracking right across the supply chain to support multiple distribution channels with real-time integration between the courier and the warehouse.

Kitting and Bundling Projects

  • Repacking, shrink wrapping
  • Labelling, barcoding
  • SIM kitting solutions to the TelCo industry
  • Bundling two or more goods together – in some cases creating a new product code and description.

Reverse Logistics Solutions

“Reverse logistics can no longer be an afterthought because there is just too much at stake in terms of brand presence, market engagement and customer experience”

  • Handling product or orders on an individual basis and of varying quality that require specifically defined logistics processes with often a greater level of complexity and decision-making involved, which is bespoke to customer / channel requirements. The sooner and more effectively obsolete or damaged product moves through the reverse supply chain, the more value it will retain.
  • Manage product against warranties and ownership statuses, including the assessment and storage of inventory for repair, sell off or disposal.
  • Provide integrated solutions on behalf of our customers for the following return processes: Consumer Protection Act returns, product recalls, bulk returns, dead on arrival “DoA”, beyond economic repair “BER”, out of box failures “OBF”, in warranty claims, and in / out of warranty repairs.

Courier & Logistics Management

  • Integration between order fulfilment and delivery logistics enabling Bradian to update its customer on the progress of orders and delivery status, thereby improving the customer experience especially for e-commerce and direct-to-customer distribution channels.
  • Order consolidation and shipping according to the most economic service levels improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply chain.
  • Bradian manages the courier on behalf of the customer against agreed KPI’s and service levels (this includes goods in transit and losses).
  • Our collective volumes leverage significant cost savings on behalf of our customers.

Call Centre/Customer Services

  • Customer service call center that focuses on communication between the consignee, the customer and the courier.
  • Management of delivery confirmation, exceptions, and proof of deliveries.
  • Call center acts as a primary initiator of the reverse logistics solution and external repair center management.

Online Reporting

  • Bradian utilises a bespoke Warehouse Management System “WMS” that enables inventory management on a real-time, serialised basis.
  • The WMS can interface and integrate into various Enterprise Resource Planning systems “ERP” from Purchase Orders being raised on suppliers to monitoring goods received and inventory management, and placing orders for processing and onward delivery.
  • The WMS integrates into the courier system that facilitates ongoing tracking, goods in transit reporting and claims management.
  • Bradian offers an online reporting system that empowers customers to be able to manage their inventory transactions with access to online reports. This includes:

    • Detailed reporting and performance management for improved turn-around time (TAT) and service level management (SLA)
    • Inventory Management including inventory on hand by product type, SKU and IMEI, ageing and obsolescence
    • Channel and customer centric activity reporting
    • Daily productivity reports with dashboards relating to volume, value and goods in transit reporting